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Confidence Is All I'm Taking Home is an assertive representation of the Chavez Cartel spirit of self belief and persistence to overcome obstacles, doubts and negative criticism; pushing themselves beyond their limits to continue evolving as individuals and collectively as a band.

The title of the EP derives from lyrics of the first track 'Scum and Fears'; "Confidence is all I'm taking home. Hard earned like ya fathers gold. I'd pay for pain but you bring so much for free." To grow we must accept who we are, flaws and all; embrace every opportunity we're given, make mistakes to learn harsh lessons and become a better version of ourselves.

'Different Underneath' is a battle between doubt and self belief wrestling it out for pole position. Overall it's an encouragement to stop doubting yourself, bite the bullet and pursue your aspirations with confidence. "I know you're weary, I know you're teary. But wipe an eye and have a wonder underneath."

The track 'For Better Or Worse' is a love song about making it through all the ups and downs that come with a romantic relationship and the commitment associated with the vow 'till death do us part'. "Her heart and soul belong to him and his belongs to her. It's written in the stars and in his words. For better or worse." "She's everywhere, he's all around, she's in the air, he's on the ground."


To bring the EP to an end is the live acoustic track 'See You Again'. A dark and gothic take on relationships, focusing on broken promises and empty words.

Staying true to their signature grungy alt rock sound, Love On The Run is filled with gloomy vocals, slick guitar riffs and tight rhythmics with drumming resonant to that of a marching band.

With bold lyrics 'Feel me pin you in a vein and shoot you up through my arm', Love On The Run is a slightly twisted and deranged love song that focuses on the darker, more destructive side of love. It represents unexpectedly falling in love during a time and in a place that you probably shouldn't be. 


Love is like an addiction. It can take us through the highest of highs, feeling on top of the world and as though nothing can stop us to the lowest of lows, bringing out the harshest and ugliest side of ourselves and yet we still can’t seem to escape it; we keep coming back for more no matter how toxic it can be for our mentality.

‘Lucky Lucky’ has been a long awaited release for Chavez Cartel, having recorded the EP in early 2018 with ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle.

The title ‘Lucky Lucky’ comes from the lyrics of the second track ‘Feelin’; which is Chavez Cartel’s proud centre piece of the EP and self-proclaimed as the best representation of their sound thus far. The key message of the title being, if you have the mindset to make good out of every bad situation then you’re pretty fortunate; Lucky even. 


‘Feelin’ reflects the attitude of the band, incorporating each band members individual upbringing. Ultimately the track is about making the most of what you’ve got in life; acknowledging that not everything is always positive, yet still embracing all aspects and making the most out of every situation life throws in your direction.


The track listing of the EP comprises of previously released singles ‘Bipolar Express’ and ‘I Can Pretend’, both receiving international success; packaged along with three unreleased songs ‘Feelin’, ‘Scene Before The Crime’ and ‘High Up In Your Room’.

‘I Can Pretend’ exudes a softer side to Chavez Cartel, exposing a raw and emotional fuelled aspect of their song catalogue and versatile rock style. The track is ultimately about loss and love, dedicated in loving memory of a dear friend Ashley Salkeld.

The lyrics were written on the day of Ashley’s funeral by vocalist Ben Simpson who was not able to attend due to personal circumstances. Ben used the pain of his loss as the inspiration however could only focus on the fullness he was feeling in his heart for his new love; a strong single mum working hard to make ends meet and provide the best life she possibly could for her child, summed up perfectly in the line “She smiles but never had it easy, she always comes off strong”.

ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle worked his magic on the single ‘I Can Pretend’ during the recording of Chavez Cartel’s debut EP, which is gearing up for release in early 2019.

Driven by eerie, profound vocals and dark, heavy riffing guitar tones throughout; ‘Bipolar Express’ is an alternative rock statement from start to finish. Chavez Cartel cut straight to the point with the opening lyrics ‘Bipolar Express oh where to next? Am I supposed to be the stronger sex?’ conveying an important message that greatly impacts the mental health of young men today.

Mental health in men is a topic that soaks deep into the fabric of Chavez Cartel although they are not here to dwell on the darkness but to instead push towards the light and continue to find ways to hold hope for better days to come.

The single ‘Bipolar Express’ stemmed from a darker hour, inspired by the silent suffering faced when on the brink of a mental breakdown and ready to give up everything; however the track itself is a representation of the hope, strength and beauty that can be found within the darkness.

The single was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered on the Tweed Coast by ARIA award winning producer Govinda Doyle, known for his work on the Angus and Julia Stone hit ‘Big Jet Plane’. Honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside Govinda who boasts such credible talents, Chavez Cartel name it their biggest achievement to date.